Biltong & more

"Grandfather's special recipe"


Original - $52.99

Bacon  - $9.99 (per 100gms)


Chilli Sticks - $78.99


Drywors - $58.99

Cabanossi - $58.99

Traditional Beef

Beef, parsley, pepper and tomato 



Free range chicken

Tomato pesto and basil



Maltese pork

Salt, garlic, pepper, coriander & parsley



Duck and zesty lemon 



Traditional pork "Oupa's"

Family recipe since 1945



Lamb Merguez

Spicy lamb sausage with cumin & chilli pepper



Italian pork

Pork shoulder, fennel & basil



Romainan Pork 

Spicy pork sausage 



Breakfast beef/pork sausage

Great for the kids



Cumberland pork

Pork shoulder, bacon & white pepper



German bratwurst



Smoked Cheese grillers 



Smoked Russians


  All made in store!